About US

Lila Decor was established in 1995 to manufacture component parts and sooner ventured into making office chairs in 2001.
Lila Décor name has since become recognized and respected throughout the region, famous for everything from design concepts to after-sales service.
Since 2001, Lila Décor & Company ventured in manufacturing and trading of wide range of seating system made of different materials and for various functions. It includes premium leather chairs ,executive chairs, secretarial chairs, Lounge furniture and chairs for public seating .The chairs are designed for flexibility and offer features that allow the individual to adjust the chairs to suit user’s body.
We develop our seating designs resulting in extremely comfortable, good looking and easy to use chairs .Logical placement of chair adjustment levers use of state of the art materials and a concern for the environment are guiding principals throughout our product line.
We deliver a balance of aesthetics, design and function providing solutions for conference areas, cafeterias, etc…
Lila Décor offers a seating program comprised of four fundamentals: Individual product families, characterized by commonality of design and function.


Attractive price / performance ratios. Good looks, versatility and comfort are harmoniously combined with attractive design, not to mention the ergonomic aspects.
Quality and innovation are the distinguishing ingredients of the LILA DÉCOR product range.
Our chairs allow you to combine comfort and style with affordability in the office.
Safety, attractive appearance, durability and versatility are the features that best describe.
We have our own R & D cell for raw materials evaluation, testing new deigns, new product and innovations. Rigid quality control at every stage of production ensures the perfect finish and workmanship of our chairs.
We have the capacity to undertake large order with short lead-time & Complete satisfactory.
Lila Décor & Company also has tie ups with companies from Malaysia ,Korea ,Taiwan and China